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My name is Sophie Baddley.
I am a designer with a BFA in graphic design. I am currently living in New York City. I love to look for and appreciate the things no one else seems to notice. I have a keen eye for detail, beauty, and being able to convey emotion in my work is very important to me.

My favorite way to find inspiration
is by looking at the world around me. When I come to any creative problem that needs solving, I like to get outside and take in all the wonderful things around me. 

I currently work 
as a junior designer at FARMACY BEAUTY in NYC. I was previously a freelance designer and design intern at GANDER in 2023, and digital creative intern at E.L.F. COSMETICS in NYC during 2022.

I have a strong inclination towards
branding, motion design, digital design, alternative processes, letterpress and packaging.
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Sophie Baddley
location: NYC, New York
occupation: Freelance Designer
areas of expertise: Design, crafts, birdwatching, nature frolicking and pasta making.
favorite colors: lilac, red & electric blue
favorite fonts: Lastik, CirrusCumulus, futura, Neue Haas Grotesk & Denim Ink 
favorite art periods: impressionism, arts & crafts
favorite bug: Butterfly

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