HELLO! My name is Sophie Baddley & I am a graphic designer. Here you will find a portfolio of my recent works, so please feel free to explore, discover and ENJOY! ︎


    DOKI DOKI is an authentic Japanese bakery and dessert cafe that allows for a taste of Japan in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah; established in 2018. Doki Doki offers handmade Japanese crepes, rolled ice cream, cream teas, coffee, and other kinds of sweet treats. Not only do they offer delicious desserts, but they offer a dessert experience; a dip into the food life in Japan with a modern twist. Customers have described their experience as a, “must see to believe”.

This rebrand focuses on emulating the creativeness and authenticity of Doki Doki desserts in the logo, packaging, menus, products, and experience. To emulate the values and goals of Japanese culture mixed with a unique style and aesthetic. 
doki doki: noun, the sound of a beating heart when excited or joyful in Japanese